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My Vision

I want to lead the East Bay Regional Park District into the 21st Century, expanding our existing parks, adding new ones, and providing recreational opportunities for the people of the East Bay while also protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat.

In 1934 the people of the East Bay took the first step when they created the East Bay Regional Park District. We look back at those founders of the Park District with pride and awe at the park system we now enjoy. Fifty years from now I want people of the East Bay to look back at what I did at the beginning of the 21st century with the same pride and wonder at how much more land we saved, more habitat we protected, and more recreational opportunities we created for future generations to enjoy and savor.

I bring 25 years of passion, commitment, and expertise to the effort to save open space and operate the premier local park system in the country to make it better, better for people to enjoy and also better for our effort to preserve and enhance wildlife and habitat.